About Us

The Albany Lindy and Blues committee is a small group of largely insane volunteers who are passionate enough about dancing and music to keep on throwing these shindigs.

Our guiding principles are simple:

  • Dance our butts off to the best damn music we can find.
  • Take care of your peeps.
  • Throw one hell of a party.
  • Eat. Eat well. (Albany: Fewer workshops, more dinner!)

Our events are sponsored by the Dance Flurry Organization, which is a nonprofit organization that supports traditional music and dance throughout the New York Capital District and Saratoga Region. Swing music? Contras? English Country? The mind-blowing experience that is the Flurry Festival itself? They've got it.

You can find info about local weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly Swing & Blues dances in the Capital Region at AlbanySwingDancing.com, including a community calendar of events.