Some band featuring Josh Fialkoff

Louis Armstrong said it best, "The main thing is to live for that audience, cause what you're there for is to please the people." This is the core belief of this highly acclaimed band, and dancers from events like bluesSHOUT!, Montreal Dance Fest, bluesSHOUT!, Nocturne Blues, Mobtown Ballroom, Mile High Blues, and more are singing (and dancing) their praise:
"First off, they rock. Secondly, the name is no joke: they really lay the heat down and make your nether regions want to jump around."
-Davis Thurber, Montreal Dance Fest founder, teacher and performer
"You wouldn't believe the amazing feedback we're getting. I don't think I've ever had such a great response to a band."
-Heidi Fite, bluesSHOUT! founder
The Fried Bananas was first assembled in 2006 under the guidance of co-leaders Shawn Hershey and Josh Fialkoff, who are both dancers themselves. Together they carefully crafted the Bananas' sound, drawing inspiration from jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and Dr. Michael White. Since then, this versatile band has evolved to incorporate blues and jazz influences from New Orleans to the Delta, from Chicago to New York City, from the 1900s to today. So whether you're looking for to swing out or boogie back, for Ballroomin' or Jookin', The Fried Bananas have your back, and your dancing shoes.

Bryan Brundige and His Piggly Wigglies

The Bryan Brundige Trio plays jazz from the early 1900s-1950s. From swing, blues and hints of gypsy jazz, they will always bring a smile to your face.

"These talented musicians come together in many bands: Sunny Side of the Street Band, the Dylan Perillo Orchestra, Bryan Brundige and the Piggly Wigglies. Whatever configuration they're in, they bring the thunder. The group that you will hear are a group of friends who genuinely love playing with each other and genuinely love playing jazz music. You can hear it when they play. Believe me when I say that this band is a hidden gem in the world of swing bands. It's Albany's dirty little secret. And now the secret's out. GET HYPED." -- The inimitable Zach Brass