Off-the-Hook DJs

We hire our friends... cause our friends are awesome. And then we set them free. And we hope to survive the weekend.


Ben Chou

Ben started DJing in the summer of 2009 with an unexpected opportunity at a New York City blues dance. From there he went on to become a regular DJ at DJ Experiment and Powerhouse Blues, both in Philadelphia, with guest sets from Boston to San Francisco, before going national at the Albany Lindy and Blues Exchange and the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange. He loves variety and transition, moving with purpose from one genre/tempo/vibe to the next, selecting from a range of songs including downtempo, soul, house, blues, lyrical, and international.


Sarah Elise (Boston, MA)

Sarah Elise started DJing almost as soon as she started dancing, falling fast and hard for the Blues. You can consistently find her behind the DJ booth at Boston’s weekly dances, and she has brought her playful, groovy style all around the country at regional and national blues events, including Mean Old Blues in San Francisco, Mile High Blues, Steel City Blues, Greenville Winter Blues, Nocturne Blues, Albany Lindy and Blues, and Boston’s own Sweet Molasses Blues. Sarah Elise knows how to bring the party, and she can’t wait to see you shakin’ that thing out on the floor!


Emiliano Estevez (Philadelphia, PA)

Emiliano DJs at many events locally and nationally providing a groovy flavor of Blues, Lindy, and Fusion styles of music. He believes that a diverse set will challenge the dancers and make sure that they are listening with their minds and bodies. He also runs DJ Experiment which is an organization created to give DJs, musicians, and dancers a safe place to experiment and grow.

Dance is a conversation…


Brooke Filsinger (Toronto, Canada)

Brooke has been spinning tunes for longer than she cares to admit! From North American dance exchanges and competitions to European music festivals to Asian swing clubs and back home to Toronto late-nite house parties, Brooke is constantly in search of her next DJ adventure. Be it Swing Standards, Blues, Funk, Motown, or Soul, Brooke loves full-bodied, ‘scrumpditiliumptious’ music, the kind that you can really sink your feet into. She’ll play that stuff that makes you just have to keep dancing all night long!


Jody Glanzer (Ottawa, Canada)

A veteran guest at exchanges and national events, Jody has been a renowned blues specialist since before the wave of blues dancing popularity hit. Enamored with the blues for as long as she can remember, she is drawn to the rawness, passion, soul, intensity of emotion. The sheer humanity of it, makes her feel alive! While spinning, Jody likes to play and share with the dancers and aspires to highlight Canadian content as much as possible. Whether she’s playing some kicking’ R&B, swinging’ it old school style, funking out, “shouting’ hallelujah!” to an inspiring Gospel set, or getting downright carnal, sweaty & intense blues session, she tries to create a flow and help shape the mood or tone. Lindyhop, Blues, WCS, Balboa, or whatever she’ll spin for it and you know, its going be fun!


Gabrielle Kern (Montreal, Canada)

Gabrielle loves playing music that gets dancers out on the floor and keeps them there! Her passion is music that moves you, be it blues, classic swing, vintage-style jazz, or more soulful funky tunes. Be careful, her music will often inspire you to dance long after your feet would have called it a night.


Sarah Spoon (London, England)

Sarah Spoon hails from London originally, but now spends her time travelling in pursuit of that particular type of joy that comes from dancing. She’s one of those humans who likes to do all the things! Brought up with eclectic tastes, her passion for music is clear; bringing energy and fun to every dance floor she DJs for. Originally a DJ at university, rhythm and melody is still what keeps her up at night years later. Be it lindy hop, balboa, blues, or a rip roaring soul and funk session- she is someone who really knows how to bring the party!