Because Someone Thought Dragging Your Butt Out of Bed was a Good Idea


$10/8 (Student, Senior DFO, or Military Discount)

Jason whined about having to do sound for a band, so our fabulous DJs are gonna make you groove.
Also, Sunday Sundaes: Come make your own Sundae! Who doesn’t love 2pm Ice Cream Breakfast? Get sticky and dance!

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
405 Washington Avenue Albany, NY

Why the hell did they build that thing?

Sunday Evening Dance Under The Egg 7:00PM - 9:30 PM (Or until we get kicked out)

$0/$0 (Student, Senior DFO, or Military Discount)

The Egg

We’re gettin’ a boombox and playin’ some music. (Yeah, we old. Meredith is making fun of us. Fine, they’ll probably be Bluetooth speakers.)

The Egg
1 Empire State Plaza Albany, NY

This party doesn't end until June falls over. Maybe not even then.

LATE NIGHT 11:00PM - ????

$10/$8 (Student, Senior DFO, or Military Discount)

Moar text should probably go here. But we are le tired.

The Moose's Lair
Find someone who knows the secret password....